Gods and their Domains

Upper Gods

These gods represent abstract or intangible concepts. They vary widely in how and if they interact with the world.

Fate, male, lawful neutral
He cannot be cheated, yet so many try. He’s generally an asshole, but he gets what he wants, and he usually wants a lot.
Domains: war, fire, law, lore, knowledge, trickery

Time, male, neutral
Ever-present, yet indifferent. He has little goals beyond self-preservation, which he doesn’t need to worry about. Still, he frequently grants power and ability to his loyal followers for their own purposes.
Domains: time, law, chaos, lore, knowledge, travel

The Lady, female, chaotic neutral
She abandons any who calls her by her true name, and as such is called The Lady. She works against probabilities, and is as capable of altruism as she is of being a heartless bitch. Her followers get special treatment, but are not immune to her whims.
Domains: luck, chaos, life, trickery, healing, death

The Collector, male, neutral
Death isn’t cruel, he’s just efficient, and very good at his job. As the god of psychopomp, he is responsible for the souls of the dead. He employs multiple lesser gods under his domain to account for his massive workload. He will only personally show up to collect the souls of wizards, heros, and other people of great power or influence. He doesn’t care much about undeath, except when used as a means to escape his grasp, which infuriates him.
Domains: Repose, death, darkness, good, evil

Nature, female, chaotic good
Mother nature is uncaring for the individual, and works for the overall growth and proliferation of her self.
Domains: life, animal, plant, verdant, wood, healing, good

Lesser Gods

These gods are of less power or influence. The lesser gods are once-mortals, or born of alterable concepts and objects.

The Trickster, male, chaotic neutral
The god of trickery is most often revered by thieve’s, charlatans, and scoundrels.
Domains: tickery, chaos

Damesin, male, neutral
Damesin is the god of darkness and shadows. Thieve’s and spys often find comfort in following him.
domains: darkness

Lumosin, male, neutral
Lumosin is Damesin’s counterpart, the god of the sun, who represents light and brightness. Many travelers, as well as those inclined to generalized religion, are attracted to his following.
Domains: sun

Altruis, female, neutral good
Patron goddess of altruism, she embodies the concepts of the good alignment.
Domains: good, life, healing

Axiom, male, lawful neutral
The embodiment of law, Axiom is the god of the orderly. However, he is oppressively opposed to individuality and self-expression.
Domains: law, time, sun

Ciderus, male, neutral evil
The counterpart to Altruis, Ciderus has little motivation beyond the propogation of suffering and death.
Domains: evil, death, destruction, undead

Liberace, female, chaotic neutral
The counterpoint to Axiom, and the embodiment of chaos, Liberace is the champion of freedom and self-expression, but may go overboard and plunge one into wild, uncontrolled, anarchy.

The Darkness
Nobody knows what the fuck this is, it’s just kind of over there, and it’s been getting bigger. Everyone is scared of it.
Domains: void, madness, cold, darkness, destruction, death, undead

Gods and their Domains

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