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Session 1, Escape from Esterfay
No one expects the divine inquisition!

Devereux Irons, a professional soldier and adventurer who is looking to retire early, and Darren Erikson, a thief with morals, made their way into Brightgate after being rudely awoken by a band of skeletons, evidently sent by a mysterious necromancer who leads a warband with nebulous intentions.

Brightgate, the capital city of Esterfay, resides in the concave of a very large mountain. Shielded from the northern side of the continent, the nation spreads outwards briefly Westward in the direction of Etruria, but predominantly towards Stormfall, establishing trade routes with Stormfall’s Forward Post.

Inside the walls of Brightgate they were met by their fellow adventurer Damian Silver, an Elf ranger from far-away Etruria. After selling what remained of the spoils of their most recent adventure, and conducting some mundane purchases, the party was alerted to the presence of several dark hooded figures, making passive observation of market stalls, and then to the burning of a shop, apparently instigated by a high ranking city official.

After witnessing the official reveal himself as the Grand Inquisitor of the Church of Fate, Darren attempted to interfere with the Inquisitor’s business, and was consequently shot. The party escaped through the crowd into a side alley, where they met Jetstream Mafia and Florence, two Aasimar sorcerers, who were lunching at a cafe and waiting to find the party and rejoin them.

The party made their way further, and met Severin Athos, Mage General of Stormfall, and watched as he made short work of a squad of inquisitors. He then enlisted the help of the party to warn Stormfall of the coming war before he surrendered to arrest by a High Inquisitor.

The party, in Reux’s carriage, had a driving chase sequence in which Damian, after falling out of the carriage and hopping between enemy horses with acrobatic recovery, commandeered a carriage bound ballista, which he used with an explosive round to destroy an airship which attacked the party shortly after they defeated their pursuers.

The party then rested in a small village, where they warned a local hedge wizard of the inquisition. Darren knocked unconscious and robbed naked a human adventurer, and then with Reux’s help by way of an arm wrestling contest, robbed blind a distracted adventuring party. When the nude human adventurer rejoined his party which had just been robbed by Reux and Darren, Reux dispelled any suspicion of his party by offering his spare longsword to the adventurer in solidarity.

On their way to the Praetor Slopes, the party met Ansaksie, an assassin of the Order of the Silver Void who warned them of an imminent attack by one of his former comrades. Darren, in a defiant act of luck, defeated the boss in a turn, aided by Damian’s perception roll, and completely invalidated my hard work with a well placed critical. Good job, asshole >:[

The party met The Lich for a second time outside of the Praetor Slopes. Recognizing the party from their brief encounter in Brightgate, The Lich offered them a Bag of Holding made using divine magic, agreeing to be compensated later. The party then went straight to the Iron Harbor without entering Praetor Slopes.

In the Iron Harbor, the party has spent a week going over personal designs with a local inventor to better outfit the party with non-magical trickery. Darren robbed the mansion of an aristocrat, and has made a name for himself among the local thieve’s guild, and is acquiring their support and assistance in the party’s plan to commandeer an airship for faster transit to Stormfall.


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